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Here at Unblocked Premium, we know that every now and then, students need a little break. And who better to understand that than fellow students? That's right, Unblocked Games Premium was crafted by us - a game expert(Anna) and a group of students who recognized the need for some leisure during those long school days.

While many sites are blocked or offer outdated flash games, we've made it our mission to bring you games that work seamlessly and go undetected. Flash games were a thing of the past and we're looking forward to the future, ensuring that every game you find here is up-to-date and ready to play.

Take a moment to enjoy, relax, and dive into a game or two. We're thrilled to provide you with this little oasis of fun!

Meet Our Team

  1. Anna Anthropy

  2. Zach King

  3. Mark Rober

  4. Henry Berkowitz

Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy your gaming experience here at Unblocked Premium!