Evil Glitch

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Blast off with "Evil Glitch," a thrilling 2D shoot 'em up game, only on unblockedpremium.com! Dive into a universe inspired by the 80's, with patterns and stories rooted in Sacred Geometry. Will you stand strong against the forces of corruption?

Classic 80's Vibe: Relive the arcade magic with neon lights and retro beats.
Fight Corruption: Dodge enemy fire, shatter their bases, and bring peace to the galaxy.
Easy Controls: Use AWSD to soar through space. Aim with your mouse. Shoot lasers with a left-click and enter warptime with a right-click.
Compete and Conquer: Outscore your friends or aim for global fame on our leaderboards.
Ready for Battle?

Jump into "Evil Glitch" on unblockedpremium.com and defend the universe from growing chaos. Fun, easy to play, and filled with action, it's perfect for gamers of all ages. So, grab your mouse, take aim, and let those lasers fly!



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