Burger and Frights

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Burger & Frights: A Dark Ride Home

Venture into the haunting depths of Burger & Frights, a gripping horror adventure by Donitz that's sure to send chills down your spine. Dive into a world where a simple bike ride after grabbing a burger turns into an eerie journey you'll never forget.

Why Should You Play Burger & Frights?

Chilling Atmosphere: Navigate through a pitch-dark forest, where every rustling leaf and distant howl keeps you on edge. The ambient sounds combined with the dim environment make you feel like something's always watching.

Unexpected Scares: Jump scares are seamlessly integrated into the game. Whether it's the sudden appearance of a cloaked figure or the haunting chants of deformed children, each surprise is crafted for maximum effect.

Creepy Antagonists: What's scarier than a monstrous burger? Encounter various unsettling entities in this dense forest that will make you reconsider your late-night snack runs.

Engaging Narrative: The game might be short, but its gripping story culminating in an unforeseen ending ensures it's worth every minute.

Game Dynamics: Enjoy smooth gameplay with easy-to-use keyboard and mouse controls. The first-person perspective intensifies the immersive experience, making you feel every shadow and whisper.

Multiple Endings: Your choices matter! With three possible conclusions, replayability offers new scares and outcomes, making it a treat for horror enthusiasts.

Easily Accessible: Experience this enthralling horror treat for free on Itch.io, ensuring that no one misses out on this spooky ride.

In Burger & Frights, it's not just about reaching home. It's about surviving the sinister obstacles that stand in your way. If you have a penchant for horror that mixes classic 80s vibes with modern gameplay, then this game promises a roller-coaster of emotions, from intrigue to sheer terror.

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