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Breakoid, developed by, rejuvenates the nostalgic Arkanoid game experience with its modern graphics, enhanced visuals, and captivating sound effects. This free arcade action game offers players a blend of strategic planning and quick reflexes, ensuring an addictive gaming session.

Key Features:

Multiple Game Modes:

Normal Mode: Navigate through different patterns of blocks, using the ball to smash them all and advance to the subsequent levels.
Endless Mode: A test of endurance and skill, keep the ball bouncing, smashing blocks that spawn endlessly to rack up high scores.
Level Editor: Showcase your creativity by constructing custom levels, setting the block patterns, and dictating the power-ups.
Diverse Power-ups: Spice up your gameplay with numerous power-ups like:

Bomb: Annihilate all blocks in sight.
Wormhole: Adds unpredictability by teleporting the ball randomly.
Shield: Gives a protective layer to the paddle for limited time.
Paddle Extension: Stretch the paddle, providing a wider hitting area.
Stunning Visuals and Sound: A visual treat with its high-quality graphics, combined with immersive sound effects, making every block smash satisfying.

Free Gameplay: Easily accessible on and available for download on Android and iOS platforms, the game promises free entertainment for its users.



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