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Dive into "BreakLock" and put your memory to the test! Hosted on, this game will challenge you to remember and recreate complex patterns. Think you've got what it takes?

Easy Start: Just launch it on your browser. Google Chrome offers the best gameplay experience.
Learn & Play: Begin with some handy hints on the home page to get you ready for the game.
Multiple Modes: Choose how you want to play!
Practice Mode: Train your brain and get ready for the real deal.
Challenge Mode: Face the true test with only ten attempts to unlock the pattern.
Countdown Mode: Race against the clock and test your speed!
Be Careful! Every mistake will cost you! Drawing the wrong pattern reduces your remaining moves.
Join the Fun Now!

Visit "BreakLock" on and see if you can crack the code. A game of memory and quick fingers, perfect for players of all ages. Challenge yourself and your friends today!



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